Trail of Cthulhu - Character Creator
You understand bookkeeping and accountancy procedures; you can read and keep financial records.
You are an expert in the study of human cultures, from the Stone Age to the Jazz Age.
You excavate and study the structures and artifacts of historical cultures and civilizations.
You know how buildings are designed and constructed.
You're an expert on works of art (including the practical arts such as furniture and pottery) from an aesthetic and technical point of view.
You study the evolution, behavior, and physical makeup of living organisms.
You have begun to piece together the secret rules of the real world, rather than the ignorant scrim of physics and religion. You recognize the great names, and the truths they conceal. If you've read a Mythos tome, using this ability lets you recall any specific hints or facts from it relevant to your current situation. If you're staring at an ancient alien basrelief, using this ability lets you perceive, with a single shocking gestalt, the horrific history it unfolds.
You can make or break codes and ciphers in any language you can read. Given some time and a dictionary, you may be able to puzzle out foreign alphabets, translating languages by brute force.
You are an expert on rocks, soils, minerals, and the primordial history of the Earth.
You're an expert in recorded human history, with an emphasis on its political, military, economic, and technological developments. You are also an expert in the tools historians use: documents and books.
For each rating point in Languages, you are verbally fluent and literate in one language other than your native tongue. You may elect to be literate in an ancient language that is no longer spoken.
You are familiar with the criminal and civil laws of your home jurisdiction, and broadly acquainted with foreign legal systems. At a rating of 2 or more, you may be a bar-certified attorney.
You can ferret out information from collections of books, records, files, archives, newspaper morgues, or big piles of unsorted telegrams and correspondence. If the information lies within, and you have access to the collection, you can find it.
You diagnose human disease, injuries, poisonings, and physical frailties, and may be broadly acquainted with veterinary medicine as well. At a rating of 2 or more, you may have a medical license.
You're an expert in the historical study of magic, superstition, and sorcery from the Stone Age to the present. From Theosophists to Voodoo to the Golden Dawn, you know the dates, the places, the controversies, and the legends.
You study the fundamental forces of the universe: pressure, electromagnetism, motion, gravity, optics, and radioactivity.
You study human religions in their various forms, both ancient and modern.
This is the human capacity to judge and sense motives and character. Basically, this ability allows you to tell if someone is lying to you, and (with a spend) make a decent guess about their motives.
You are an expert in making deals with others, convincing them that the best arrangement for you is also the best for them.
You know how to navigate a bureaucratic organization, whether it's a government office or a large business firm. You know how to get what you want from it in an expeditious manner, and with a minimum of ruffled feathers.
You know how to speak the lingo of the police, and to make them feel confident and relaxed in your presence. You may be a current or former cop, or simply the kind of person they immediately identify as a solid, trustworthy citizen.
You are able to operate easily within your economic class, make purchases, mingle socially, cadge invitations or introductions, pick up rumors or call in favors from professional or social contacts, or secure a loan. Investigators with no Credit Rating score might be hoboes or drifters, they may just distrust banks, or they may have no real ability to schmooze.
You're good at getting people to help you by complimenting or playing up to them, as subtly or blatantly as they prefer. This works particularly well with subjects who find you attractive, but that isn't strictly necessary. You could just compliment them on their exquisite taste, or the quality of their dissertation.
You're trained in extracting information from suspects and witnesses in the context of a formal police-style interview. This must take place in an official setting, where the subject is confined or feels under threat of confinement, and recognizes your authority (whether real or feigned).
You elicit cooperation from suspects by seeming physically imposing, invading their personal space, and adopting a psychologically commanding manner. Intimidation may involve implied or direct threats of physical violence but is just as often an act of mental dominance.
You can find sources willing to talk, win their confidence, and gather (usually lengthy) oral testimony about historical events, local traditions, folklore, family legend, or gossip.
You get people to do what you want by putting them at ease. This may involve fast talk, genuine sympathy, or just a calming presence.
You know how to behave among crooks, gangsters, dopers, hookers, grifters, and other habitués of the criminal underworld.
Athletics allows you to perform general acts of physical derringdo, from running to jumping to throwing bundles of dynamite to dodging falling or oncoming objects.
You can hide things from view and conceal them from search. Your methods might include camouflage, snaking things into drawers unobserved or building secret compartments. This ability also allows you to discover things intentionally concealed
This is the skill of altering your own appearance, posture, and voice to be unrecognizable. Disguising others in anything more complex than a slouch hat or false mustache is good only for brief periods, as posture and body language are vital components in any successful disguise.
Anyone who's been taught can drive a car down the road without this ability. You, on the other hand, are a skilled defensive driver, capable of wringing high performance from even the most recalcitrant automobile, pickup truck, or omnibus.
You're good at building, repairing, operating, and disabling electrical devices from simple alarm systems to the most advanced radios. (You can also hot-wire a car with an electrical ignition, which is most of them built since 1920.) Given the right components, you can create jury-rigged devices from odd bits of scrap.
You're an expert in bombs and booby-traps.
Your nimble fingers allow you to unobtrusively manipulate small objects. Like picking a pocket.
You are adept with firearms, including their repair and identification. This skill also covers crossbows and similar trigger-operated missile weapons.
You can perform first aid on sick or injured individuals.
Running away is an excellent survival skill; your characters may be doing a great deal of it. Like many of Lovecraft's spindly, neurasthenic protagonists, you can be very good at running away without being generally good at other physical tasks. So Fleeing becomes an ability unto itself, which you can use as a substitute for Athletics when escaping during chase sequences. It does not make you any better at pursuit.
This ability represents medical hypnosis; it is not psychic mesmerism or mind control. You can only hypnotize a willing subject, and only one subject at a time.
See the spell chapter in the rulebook.
You're good at building, repairing, operating, and disabling mechanical devices from simple stick traps to the most complex adding machines or steam turbines. (With the exception of simple latches, working with locks is covered by the Locksmith ability.) Given the right components, you can create juryrigged devices and booby-traps from odd bits of scrap.
Although almost anyone can paddle a canoe or even row a dinghy, you can pilot small boats (motorboats, sailboats, dories) or single-engine light aircraft (barnstormers, crop dusters) with professional aplomb and serene confidence.
You expertly anticipate the needs of any investigation by packing a kit efficiently arranged with necessary gear. Assuming you have immediate access to your kit, you may be able to produce an object the team needs to overcome an obstacle. You needn't do this in advance of the adventure, but can dig into your kit bag (provided you're able to get to it) as the need arises.
You can provide comfort, perspective, and solace to the mentally troubled. You may be a Freudian alienist, a priest or pastor, or just an empathetic and intuitive individual.
Although staying on a tame, untroubled walking horse (on flattish terrain, anyway) is relatively easy once one gets the hang of it, and staying on a mule or burro even easier, you are a gifted equestrian. You can gallop even recalcitrant or spirited horses, donkeys, and mules past distractions and across the countryside.
You can hold your own in a hand-to-hand fight, whether you wish to kill, knock out, restrain, or evade your opponent. The use of blackjacks, brass knuckles, coshes, saps, rolls of quarters or shillings tucked up in the fist are treated as Scuffling
This ability allows you to perceive (either with sight or other senses) potential hazards to yourself or others.
You're good at following suspects without revealing your presence. Also used when sneakily trying to lose a pursuer.
You're good at moving (and standing still) without being noticed.
You are skilled in the use of personal hand weapons such as knives, swords, or whips.
You can create some sort of art - music, painting, dance, sculpture, song, poetry, drama, and so forth. You can choose to focus on one medium or diversify: For each rating point in Art, you may select another type of art in which you are generally proficient.
You study celestial objects, including the stars and planets.
You're trained in the analysis and manufacturing of chemical substances.
You can create useful physical objects, working with materials like wood, metal, jewelry, and so forth. Although the resulting cabinets, kettles, or rings may be beautiful, your focus is utility, not art. Like the Art ability, you may focus on one craft (blacksmithing, cabinetry, coopering, etc) or diversify into many; the same rules apply.
You're adept at casing an investigation site and at finding, bagging, and tagging important clues.
You study crime scenes and perform autopsies on deceased subjects to determine their cause and circumstances of death. You can use skeletal evidence to reconstruct the physical details (age, sex, medical condition, sometimes occupation) of the deceased.
You can open doors and locks, and disarm alarms, without benefit of the key. (You can also find convenient windows to jimmy or coal-cellar doors to force, if need be.) Many locks require specialized tools, possession of which without a locksmith's license is a criminal offense in most jurisdictions.
You are familiar with working and living outdoors and in the wild. You might be a farmer, cowboy, or logger, or an amateur (or professional) fisher or hunter, or work for the Park Service. Perhaps you were merely an Eagle Scout, grew up in the back of nowhere, or served in a military unit with sufficient patrol experience.
You are able to identify and compound drugs and medicines.
You're proficient in the use of cameras, including still and motion-picture photography.
Select military branch:
Conceal, Driving and Stealth
First Aid, Medicine and Reassurance
Driving, Explosives and Mechanical Repair
Astronomy, Mechanical Repair and Piloting
Bureaucracy, Piloting and Reassurance
Bureaucracy, Riding and Reassurance
Your workday as a nurse contains:
Bureaucracy and Flattery
No additional skills
Select classic or pulp skill set:
Keep current skills
Cop Talk, Driving, Intimidation, Locksmith,
Assess Honesty, Scuffling, Shadowing, Streetwise