Conquer Europe
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Click on a nation to start a new game as its leader.
Version history:
0.1 Game is playable. Crazy AI introduced.
0.1.1 Pacifist AI and Homebound AI introduced.
0.1.2 Bug fix with Homebound orders.
0.2 Map tweaking. Better sea borders.
0.3 Expansionist AI introduced.
0.3.1 Improved information. Added pause button.
0.4 Destroyer AI introduced.

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Conquer Europe
This is a turn based game with zero diplomacy where every nation in Europe (and some in Africa and Asia) tries to conquer each other.
You can select how much land you must control to win in the menu, and also set the game speed.
The user interface
To the right is the order panel, where all executed orders are displayed. You can also see when a nation is completely eliminated.
In the bottom is the information panel. When you click on a province on the map information about controlling nation, possible resource and possible army are displayed here.
It is also here you choose unit types when raising or strengthening an army.
The map is the biggest panel and from here you control your armies and watch your empire grow (or vanish).
Province borders
A province without coast can send an army to all adjacent provinces. Switzerland can reach Lorraine, Bourgogne, Bad-Württerberg, Tyrolia, Piedmont and Veneto.
A coastal province can use ships to reach further provinces than those adjacent, but can never cross the sea borders (the blue lines) because that is just too far away.
This means that Norrland can send armies to Nordlandet, Sørlandet, Svealand and Lapland by marching and Götaland, Suomi, Estonia and Latvia using ships.
Depending on how many provinces you control you can have a certain amount of armies (half your provinces rounded up plus one (except when you control just one province)).
If you have enough provinces you can raise additional armies at your turn by clicking on one of your provinces where there is no army.
Each army consist of up to units of different types.
Unit type Category Damage Defence Prerequisite

There is a random damage-bonus for each unit each battle.
More importantly infantry has a bonus against ranged, ranged has a bonus against cavalry and cavalry has a bonus against infantry.
Each turn you give every army an order:
Order Effect
Hold The army stays where it is.
Raid Attack a province, but do not move there. (If there is no army in the target province the raid will accomplish nothing.)
Move Move into a province, battling the defending army if there is one.
Strengthen If the army is not at maximum strength you can recruit more units.

You can only target a province with each order once. For example: you can have one army raid Götaland and another army move to Götaland,
but if you order both armies to either raid or move there then those order are both invalid.
Raids are always executed before move orders.
Each AI player gets a random personality at game start.
They are listed below.
A crazy nation will give mostly random and unexpected orders to its armies.
A pacifist nation will only defend itself and never attack an opponent.
A homebound nation will try to retake every original province that has been lost.
An expansionist nation will try to extend its territory by attacking where there is the least defence.
A Destroyer nation will primarily try to completely conquer adjacent nations.